Conditions ticket sales

  • Paid cards will not be refunded, exchanged or replaced, unless the performance is canceled.
  • Tickets can only be bought through this website or at the entrance, if there are still available.
  • A reservation is only made after payment of the due amount.
  • Tickets that are not handled within 10 min at ogone, from when starting the payment, may be considered as not paid and can be released again. Please handle your order expeditiously and take your credit card ready before you start to order. Our seatings are limited.
  • Any kind of counterfeiting (including but not limited to focus, or dummy), in any form whatsoever, and by means of any process, is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted.
  • Tickets may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes without the express permission of the TICKET DISTRIBUTOR or the ORGANIZER.
  • Changes to the program give rise to partial or full refund of the ticket. ORGANIZER liability is excluded by force majeure.
  • Loss or theft of the ticket is the responsibility of the BUYER / VISITOR and gives rise to a replacement or refund.

Sales info

Payment can be done with Maestro, bank card or credit card. You will receive your tickets immediately.

Please order as many online due to the fact that it is rare that there are still tickets available at the entrance.

The program, occupation, location and date of the performances are sometimes subject to change. We love you always as accurate as possible.

I've lost my tickets?

No drama, the computer has already registered your details, you are also not required to have your ticket in.

But check to proceed smoothly, we have to ask for your ticket, and especially your QR code. Aside print or digitally on your phone.

Know what you are buying!

Many websites buy widely tickets to resell them at a profit. As a visitor you pay via these websites - often unconsciously - much more for a ticket than the original price. Sometimes tickets are counterfeit and are not valid. Buy your tickets through our website, you pay the right price.